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Dear hotlist member:

I've got some rather...

Shocking and grisly
news for you!

But if you think you can stomach it, and if you're interested in keeping yourself and your family safe, then it's important that you know about this.

Because I've got a very special life-saving gadget that I now want you and other hotlist members to test out for yourself...

...for FREE if you choose!

Here's the story: Perhaps the best way for me to illustrate what's happening out there is through a recent headline ripped straight from a Florida newspaper that reads:

Family Man
Trapped and Burned Alive
In His Automobile!

The article goes on to say that witnesses and police could only stand by helplessly while the victim pounded frantically on his windows before suffering a "horrible death"...

...all because nobody had the one simple tool -- the tool that I now want you to try out for yourself -- that could have easily saved the victim's life and had him returning back home to his wife and five children with little more than a scratch.

It's a heart wrenching story. But the real tragedy is just how common this has become.

It's a nightmare
that keeps playing-out over and over again!

In fact, according to the United States Fire Administration, each year there are an estimated 172,000 highway vehicle fires in the United States, resulting in nearly 2,000 casualties.

That's every year. Year after year.

And that doesn't even include the number of accident victims trapped and drown in lakes, rivers and canals.

And that's why this is so important to you!

Because I've got a super-respected veteran firefighter and dive-rescue expert -- a guy who's been on the front lines of this battle for over 20 years and witnessed the mind-boggling horrors of vehicle fires and underwater submersions -- who's now publicly insisting that EVERY vehicle be equipped with a small and virtually foolproof "LifeLine Rescue Tool"... amazing piece of equipment that, like I said, you and other hotlist members can now test-out for yourself...

For FREE if you want!

The package also includes a weatherproof magnetic rescue beacon that I also want you to have as a free gift.

The powerful magnet sticks right onto your car in case of an emergency. Far more visible than your hazard lights or a flare or those triangle reflectors. Even stays put on top the car at high speeds.

This also is my gift to you!

Yours to keep. I'll tell you all about your free stuff in just a minute.

Hi it's Jimbo over here at TRS Survival on behalf of Bob Pierce and the rest of the crew.

As you may know, for over 3 decades now we've been developing clever gadgets and easy to learn instructional material to help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

And that's exactly what I've got for you today. It has to do with something called...

"Vehicle Entrapment"!

It's becoming a shockingly common occurrence.

Like the 75-year-old Cleveland man who recently suffered extreme heat exhaustion after being trapped in his car for over 14 hours -- just because his battery died.

Or the New Zealand couple in their 60s who spend 13 hours trapped in their keyless hatchback because they forgot their key fob.

And these are the happy endings. For the Florida man I just mentioned -- things didn't work out so well.

Police who arrived on the scene of that minor accident said the father of five -- who had not suffered any major injuries from the original accident -- could not get out of his smoldering car because the electrical system had been knocked out of commission.

The electronic door handles didn't work.

The electric windows wouldn't roll down.

And when the smoke turned into fire, police and bystanders could only stand back and watch in horror as the car became completely engulfed in flames.

This isn't a
one time incident!

No, again, it's happening with shocking regularity.

Government number-crunchers point out that these highway vehicle fires account for 13 percent of all fires across the nation which is why they are now recommending emergency manual door release handles on all vehicles.

Problem is that won't help much because car doors often get jammed shut after an accident.

And that's what makes the LifeLine
such a vital tool!

Provides you a fast and easy way to escape vehicle entrapment.

Okay... this is all terrible stuff... but maybe you think this can't happen to you or that the odds are so slim that it doesn't justify paying much attention to this problem.

That's why I brought in veteran firefighter and dive rescue expert Dennis Curley to personally explain this to you. You need to listen to this guy.

Over 20 years as a first responder and a dive rescue specialist, Dennis has seen more blood and carnage and personally handled...

More life and death rescues
than most military
combat medics!

He's a licensed EMT... trained with Navy SEALS to help find underwater IEDs... search and rescue and swift water rescue certifications... master diver with PADI certifications...

...letters of accommodations for conducting rescue operations under extremely hazardous conditions... shared recognition with his crew for heroics during operations, including the infamous Falk factory gas explosion... and on and on.

Bottom line: This dude has been there, done that. Whatever he's got to say about protecting yourself and your loved ones, you should pay very close attention to.

It may save your life!

Here is Dennis:

Thanks Jimbo.

As a firefighter and dive rescue team leader serving a major metropolitan area -- I've seen more than my fair share of tragedies.

People killed and injured in house fires, factory explosions, shootings, stabbings, airline crashes, heart attacks, guys falling off ladders or blowing their hands off with fireworks -- you name it, I've seen it.

But frankly the most heartbreaking of all have been the victims of vehicle entrapment.

Men, women and innocent children trapped and burned alive or drown simply because they couldn't cut a seatbelt or break through a car window!

Some of their faces still
haunt me at night!

Which is why I jumped at the chance to do something about it. This LifeLine Car Rescue Tool will make a difference.

This will save lives.

Because let's be clear about something. Hands down, one of the most dangerous things an average person like yourself will ever do on a daily basis is -- to ride around in an automobile.

Most people don't think twice about locking themselves inside a moving 2000-pound piece of steel and glass. But after 2 decades as a first responder, I have seen the terrible things that can go wrong.

Vehicle entrapment is
no joke!

It happens for a number of reasons.

First all of, most cars have electric windows and door locks. So if the power is shorted-out from an accident or submersion in water, people inside can't roll down the windows or open the doors.

Also, all vehicles today have crumple zones to protect passengers during a crash. Problem is, even in a minor fender-bender, these crumple zones can often wrap around and pin the doors shut.

Another very common reason for entrapment is that the seat belt release button is either blocked by debris or the latch itself gets hopelessly jammed and simply won't release the buckle.

I've observed many victims still belted in vehicles burned to a crisp or submerged underwater. Let's be clear, I'm not suggesting that you don't wear a seatbelt. But you need a way to quickly slice it off, just in case.

Also, once underwater, it's virtually impossible to force open a car door. And in deep water, 90% of the time...

The car will somersault
and settle into the
mud upside down!

And you can forget about some air-bubble inside the car giving you extra breathing time. That's Hollywood. Doesn't happen in the real world.

Point is, there are a lot of ways to get entrapped. It's common. More common than you'd think. In fact, many of the thousands of emergencies I attended had to do with either a car fire or a vehicle submerged underwater.

In those types of accidents , I am sorry to say...

You have only about 30
seconds to get out alive!

That's a huge problem.

I mean, have you ever tried to break a car window? It's not easy. Just imagine if you or your family were in a car and it was on fire... or sinking in water.

Because anyone who thinks that they can punch or elbow or even kick their way through automobile glass is kidding themselves.

You need a special
tool, period!

A tool like the LifeLine.

Okay... so let's take a closer look at the LifeLine, so you know what we're talking about here.

First of all, you'll notice the slightly weird looking pointy hammer-head. This is how you'll break the window. Goes through tempered auto glass almost like it wasn't even there.

Takes less than second.

The LifeLine shatters auto glass so easily because, number one, it has an extremely tough and pointed high-carbon steel tip that concentrates the striking force...

...and number two, it has one full pound of striking weight behind it. That may not sound like a lot, but you can really feel the heft of this tool just holding it in your hand.

Means you only need a few inches of room to effortless break through a window.

Okay... I want to pause for a second here to give you a vital bit of info.

The LifeLine is NOT a
window punch. No, you don't
want that!

In fact, even if you choose not to get the LifeLine, please hunt around for something similar that is not a spring-assisted window punch. Those are very dangerous because first of all -- they do NOT work underwater.

And second, the internal spring often times isn't strong enough to break window glass even on dry land.

I have personally seen people die because of a cheap window punch that couldn't do the job. Don't take chances just to save a couple bucks. The spring-action window punch will only fail you when you need it most.

Okay... let's move on. Another feature that makes the LifeLine so special is that it can easily cut seatbelts.

Goes through a seatbelt
like butter!

My own testing showed that on average the LifeLine took less than one second to cut through a seatbelt. A sharp pocket knife on the other hand took about 18 seconds -- and the test subject ended up cutting his hand in the process.

18 seconds is simply too long, especially when you've only got 30 seconds to get out.

Which makes the LifeLine
clearly superior!

I've honestly never seen a tool of this type better able to slice through seatbelts. Very impressive. And I especially like that the cutting edge is recessed into the tool, so there's no way you can cut yourself or others.

And included with the LifeLine is a tough and flexible nylon pouch with a velcro mounting system. Adheres securely, within arm's reach, right next to your steering column so you always have fast and immediate access to the tool.

The sheath itself is a silky smooth quick release material so...

The LifeLine is out and
ready in a flash!

The pouch is sewn directly onto a hardback velcro mounting system that adheres very securely in place.

Allows you to remove the entire unit, sheath and all, and simply move it to another vehicle that's also equipped with a velcro strip.

There's a free video that explains it all. Very simple.

But that's not all.

The LifeLine is also
an extremely
handy multi-tool!

Includes a sturdy pliers... a flathead and 2 phillips-head screwdrivers... a knife... a can opener... bottle opener... wire cutters... and 2 hex wrenches.

The components are all stainless steel, the handles are an attractive red anodized aluminum, and the entire tool is constructed from corrosion resistant materials.

As a first responder I demanded and depended on quality equipment because people's lives were on the line. The LifeLine is very beefy and sturdy.

Total quality. I wouldn't
endorse anything less!

Allows you to make an instant escape if you need to, and you've got some practical everyday tools at your fingertips to boot.

Nice to have options.

But hold on, that's not all, there's also an instructional DVD included where I personally walk you through, step-by-step, how to properly use your new LifeLine.

I cover everything in the studio and then demonstrate the techniques out in the real world so you first hear the explanation and then see exactly how it's done.

Here's just a taste of what's on this video.

  • First, you'll see a dramatic demonstration using the most common objects that people use to try and break a car window -- including a stainless steel coffee mug, elbows, fists, a foot-long snow scraper, even a beefy 4-inch thick tree branch. As you'll see for yourself, none of these work. Shattering auto glass is much more difficult than you may imagine. This demo will open your eyes fast, showing you exactly what you're up against.
  • Also, learn a 3-step method of escape known as S.W.O. Stands for "Seatbelt. Window. Out." Okay, this may sound braindead simple to you, but beware -- without the specific know-how I teach you, and a specialized tool like the LifeLine, you won't be able to get through these 3 steps in time to escape from a burning or submerged car. Which is why many people simply panic and die. Not you. Not your family. With the LifeLine and this specialized training, you'll be out in seconds.
  • You'll also learn exactly where to strike a window to shatter it. Frankly, the hardened steel tip of the LifeLine can break a window by striking it anywhere. Can even punch its way through a laminated windshield if need be. But a windshield or a window that's slightly rolled down, for example, is more difficult to break. I'm going to show you what works best for a fast and easy escape.
  • Another thing... and this is important... you'll discover a simple trick that more than doubles your leverage power with the LifeLine. This is an awesome tip that not only provides you a lot more striking force, but also protects your hands in the process.
  • Also, you'll learn the huge difference between self-rescue and rescuing someone else. Very distinct approaches and mindsets for each method that you gotta know.
  • You'll also learn the 3 biggest reasons why firefighters choose to slice a seatbelt rather than search for the latch. In an emergency, the call is yours. You may be able to hit the release button and get the seatbelt off. But if it's jammed or blocked by accident debris, you should quickly shift your focus to slicing off the belt. The good news is that the LifeLine makes that easy.
  • Another thing you'll discover is why EMTs will cut the seatbelt in two places. Frankly it makes extrication a lot faster and easier. I'll explain why, and how you may be able to get away with just one single slice.
  • Also, why using a pocket knife should not be your first choice when cutting a seatbelt. I already talked a little about this. A pocket knife is certainly better than nothing, but seatbelts are damn tough material and so even a sharp knife takes too long. Plus you're likely to accidentally slice-up "Plus, with the adrenaline flowing, you're likely to accidentally cut.."yourself and anyone else you're trying to help. The LifeLine is the better, faster, safer choice.
  • You'll also discover the two most foolish "tunnel vision" mistakes many people commit when exiting a crash site. It's a common error that's often fatal. Knowing this means you and your family can easily avoid these tragic mistakes yourself.

There's a lot more too. Like what to do if, heaven forbid, you ever end up in the water, something that happens often in areas that get a lot of rain.

But don't be fooled, even desert areas have canals and flash flooding. So you need to be aware of exactly what to do if you suddenly find yourself in deep water.

  • Like why you should forget about calling 911. Again, you have at most 30 seconds to escape. Don't waste those precious seconds calling someone who can't possibly help you (in that time frame). I'll explain the first thing you should do when your car hits the water, and then show you how to make every second count so that you can get yourself and your family out alive and well.
  • Also, the things that most people waste valuable seconds on that won't make one bit of difference when your car is sinking. You'll discover how to streamline every bit of your activities.
  • Another thing, and I know I mentioned this, but I feel very strongly about this: Why the spring loaded "window punch" will NOT work underwater. I'll demonstrate why and tell you my own heart-breaking war story that hopefully convinces you once-and-for-all to steer clear of these (spring loaded) tools. The LifeLine doesn't have any moving parts that can jam or rust or fail, which is why it works 100% of the time.

There's a lot more too. Like what to do if you come across an accident scene where victims need your help.

  • First, you'll discover the 3 things to look out for when approaching a vehicle in trouble. Allows you to quickly size-up the situation before attempting to save a victim from a burning car, or a submerged vehicle or a swift water situation. You need to pay attention here, as I've seen many a good Samaritan become a fatality.
  • Also, the different kinds of smoke to look out for, and why one kind is much more ominous than another. This will help you determine if the car is indeed near bursting into flames or just blowing off steam.
  • Another thing: Why communicating with an accident victim is crucial. Here's a hint: Dazed and confused victims often panic and fight their would-be rescuer. You'll learn some simple methods of approach that will greatly reduce anxiety and panic.

There's a lot more too.

Like why you should avoid opening the door of an unresponsive victim... when you should and when you shouldn't break the window nearest the victim...

...when to extricate the victims and when you should simply wait for EMTs... the 5 basic first aid signs to check for that'll help EMTs later on...

... how to cut a child's car seat... how to go through a sunroof if necessary... what to look out for if the car is still running... why shattering the windshield or even a large rear window of a vehicle should not be your first choice...

...and so much more.

Watch this video carefully -- it's only about an-hour-and-a half-long -- and please practice a dry run or two.

You only have to
watch the video once
and you'll have it forever!

Because you don't want to wait until you're inside a burning or sinking car to test this stuff out.

This DVD package is included for free. It's yours to keep.

The video is also available to you online, so you can watch it on your computer or your tablet or your phone if you want. But you'll always have the DVD as a backup just in case.

Okay... so how do you get your hands on all this?

Well, TRS Survival is taking care of all that. My expertise has been saving lives. Their expertise is making products that protect families. So I'll hand it back over to Jimbo to explain all the details.

But before I go, I gotta say this. The LifeLine is an awesome tool. I would never endorse it if I wasn't 100% sure about it's effectiveness as a quality rescue device.

And the instruction I'm providing you is simple and easy to follow, but it's not information you've ever seen before or something you could just figure out on your own.

I'm pretty proud of my work here because frankly I know it will help protect you and your family.

Here's Jimbo.

This is Jimbo... thanks Dennis.

We're proud of your work here as well.

Okay... so you may be asking, how much for all this?

Well, the normal retail price for the LifeLife car rescue tool... the extra tough quick-draw sheath... a velcro attachment system with an iron grip adhesive strip... and the 1-½ hour DVD instructional program... just $79.

That's what we're selling the package for right now on Amazon. And considering the peace of mind it will provide you, that's a bargain.

But as a member of this special hotlist...

...I'm slashing a full
$40 right off the top...
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To get one rush-shipped out to you right away, just hit the "Yes" button now. The package will be at your door in just 3 to 5 days.

If you want more than one LifeLine package for gifts or because you have multiple vehicles to cover, there's an option for you to purchase additional paks with even better pricing.

Just hit the "Yes" button now, provide your payment information, and then click the submit button. A special window will then appear providing you a chance to get multiple LifeLines with even steeper discount pricing if you want.

But hang on...

I said you could test this out
for free if you wanted,
and I meant that!

Here's how that works: Get this LifeLine into your hands. Feel the heft of it, check out the quality and all the handy multi-tools. Heck, if you can, go down to a junkyard and smash some windows and slice up some seatbelts.

Make sure you watch the DVD thoroughly. Secure the LifeLine in your car. Visualize getting yourself and your family out within 30 seconds.

If you don't feel a lot more safe and secure knowing that you have a critical danger point in your everyday life completely covered...

...and if you aren't more confident knowing that you're also one of the few guys on earth in a position to actually help another motorist who's in real trouble...

...then just send back the LifeLine in any condition, even if you've beat it up, and I will refund every penny of your purchase price, no hassles and questions asked.

I will even refund your money within 24-hours of your package arriving into my main office.

That generous guarantee...

Allows you to test this all
out for free if you choose!

It doesn't matter how many you order, either. They're all covered by my solid gold guarantee.

But no matter what, you can KEEP the DVD package as my gift to you.

But hold on... I've got another free bonus waiting here for you.

This is cool. It's an advanced emergency beacon.

I've nicknamed it...

The Emergency Puck!

This is something else. It's got 15 very bright LED lights -- 12 orange, 3 white with 9 setting modes. Can be spotted from miles away.

It's about 4 inches in diameter, an inch-and-a-half thick, and weighs in at just under 6-ounces.

Waterproof, shock proof, a thick durable practically indestructible rubberized exterior. It floats in water so you can use it outside in any kind of weather or for boating or flood emergencies.

This Emergency Puck uses standard double A batteries and comes equipped with a high-strength rare earth Magnet. Means you can mount this just about anywhere on your vehicle and...

It'll stay put,
even if you're driving
at high speeds!

Will not damage or scratch your car or anything like that.

There's also a powerful flashlight built right in, which allows you to stick this under your hood and work hands-free with plenty of light. There's even a fold out hook so that you hang this just about anywhere.

Inside a tent or from a cabinet handle or a tree branch or any place where there's no steel to attach the magnet.

Use the Puck to mark hazardous job sites at night, or to guide family and friends to a safe rally point, or as a place-marker for folks to find your home party or a garage sale or a million other possible uses.

The most obvious use of course is for your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Keeps you from burning up your car battery using the hazard lights.

The Puck is far more visible
than your hazard lights!

The best part: I am including my soon-to-be-famous Emergency Puck right along with the rest of your LifeLine package...

As another FREE GIFT to you
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That's right, it's yours to keep no matter what.

You gotta admit, that's pretty generous.

So hit the "Yes" button now.

You're getting the chance to try out a superior vehicle escape tool -- on my dime if you want -- and you can keep the DVD instruction from a trained and experienced rescue expert as my gift to you.

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The fact that you're hearing about it now means there are some left. How many, I can't tell you. But again, I only started out with 200 units. So waiting, even for a day, could mean missing out.

Don't let that happen. Hit the "Yes" button now.

This is Jimbo signing off.

But before I go, allow me to do a quick recap of everything you'll receive when you order right now.

First you'll receive the LifeLine Car Rescue Tool. This is the quickest and most effective way to prevent vehicle entrapment. Shatters tempered car glass with ease and slices through a seatbelt in less than one second. Means you're able to get yourself and loved ones out, or help a stranger in distress, while others can only stand by helplessly.

You'll also receive the LifeLine sheath with the iron-grip velcro attachment system. Allows you to mount this inconspicuously near your steering column or anywhere else you choose for fast and easy access.

Also, as a member of this special hotlist, you will receive a full $40 off the normal retail price. While Amazon customers pay $79, you'll pay just $39.

You'll also receive a one-year money back guarantee. If you're not feeling more safe and secure, and confident knowing that you've taken a crucial step to further protect yourself and your family, just return the LifeLine in any condition for a prompt refund.

And finally, you'll receive that awesome Emergency Puck. Use it as hazard lights that can be seen for miles, or on top your car for an emergency run to the hospital, or as a hands-free lamp while working in the shop or camping, hunting or fishing or a million other things.

This is yours to keep, another free gift to you for taking the time to check out the LifeLine.

But you must act now. You're getting a killer deal on this LifeLine package that you can't get anywhere else.

And there are only 200 of the free Emergency Pucks available.

You're taking no risk at all, and yet you stand to gain so much, especially if the safety and security of your loved ones is the most important thing in your life.

So hit the "Yes" button now, and I'll see you inside.